Green Public Procurement

Green Public Procurement

The Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment is currently undertaking a national survey to assess the current status and potential opportunities for Green Public Procurement (GPP is a process where public authorities seek to source goods, services or works with a reduced environmental impact).

A new assessment of GPP in relation to the action plan for circular economy has been published. This was carried out by the provided by EU Policy Department A at the request of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI). The attached study provides results on the applicability of ongoing initiatives and shows how they contribute to the European Commission´s Action Plan on the Circular Economy. Click here to read more.

As part of the GPP4Growth Project, stakeholders within different government agencies, local governments and Public Authorities (as suppliers/buyers) and companies (as suppliers of goods and services) are being asked to complete a national survey. This survey will help the department to assess the current status, advantages and opportunities for GPP in Ireland while also allowing them to determine the enabling conditions and obstacles related to GPP implementation across the state. 

There are two surveys available online, one for each category of key stakeholders and you can find them at the following link:

- For Public Authorities (purchasers):  
- For Businesses (suppliers): 

In case there is any confusion, the answer to Q1, assuming you are in Ireland, is IE Ireland and to Q2, choose from the following regions:
Border, Midland and Western: Border Region, Midland Region and the West Region
Southern and Eastern: South-West Region, South-East Region, Mid-West Region, Mid-East Region and the Dublin Region.

Case Studies
The department is also currently looking for case studies of past or present examples of GPP in action. If you have any examples from your organisation that you are willing to share, kindly do so at the following link


Many thanks for your time!